Our guide to creating the perfect small kitchen.

Just because you have a small space for your kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t look stunning, be highly functional and impress the neighbours.

Not only can your small kitchen look fabulous, it can also look spacious, if you follow some basic design rules.

Go with a light colour scheme.

It may seem obvious but it’s good practise to stick to this rule from the start. We all know that darker colours can make a room appear smaller, and lighter colours have the opposite effect.

And it doesn’t have to be white, although a great choice. A slightly more ambitious colour like duck egg or a light grey would have the same spacious effect as white. Consistency is the key here, so make sure your colour scheme matches throughout.

Small open kitchen

Plan Plan Plan.

You need to consider every little corner of your kitchen, and getting the plan right before work starts is of paramount importance. Boring but important things, like your electrics, gas, water & waste existing positions will be taken into consideration for any plan we create if required. However, if you wish these all to be changed then this can be achieved too. We work through all the practical implications of a design, we consider things like- will doors catch each other when they are open? Will drawer handles bump into anything when the drawer is open? The list of these intricacies are endless but never something the customer has to worry about.

Don’t go mad with kitchen appliances.

It can be very tempting to buy all the new fancy kitchen gadgets if you fancy yourself as a Nigella Lawson or Gordon Ramsay. But keeping your worktops clear of clutter will go a long way to helping the spacious look. Think ahead about what appliances you actually need before buying any. Our detailed designs will help you with these decisions.

Small custom kitchen, cooking

Some tasteful shelving can create a lovely feature but wall units increase space . Here at CKF we can manufacture extra tall larder or wall units to increase storage space. We also supply secret internal drawers for cutlery & we do a variety of pull-out & corner solutions.

Small Kitchen with no handle cupboards.

Gloss Gloss Gloss.

A high gloss finish is all the rage just now and there is a very good reason for it – it looks fantastic. A high gloss, bright finish in a small kitchen also has the advantage of making it appear more spacious and open. More traditional style kitchens with a modern twist can work brilliantly too.

Another quick tip is to think about going handleless with your cupboards, this creates a sleek look. We can talk you through the options and advantages of doing this. Just give us a call or email us

Last but not least – lighting.

Up-lighting, down-lighting, spotlights…there are lots to choose from. Think carefully about your kitchen lighting as this can be the magical last step to really making your small space look bigger, especially in the dark winter months when sunlight is rare. Also, a great way to make your kitchen look cosy. We can help you with the best lighting solutions.

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