Let your kitchen become an instagram influencer

Ok so your kitchen probably won’t win any Kim Kardashian style multi-million pound sponsor endorsements from Dualit but that doesn’t mean you can’t show of your new kitchen on instagram and Pinterest.

You are probably sick of lusting after all these beautiful kitchens in the aforementioned websites. So now is the time to show yours off and here’s how to do it.

It would be remiss of the Custom Kitchen Factory not to plug our services at this point – so of course it goes without saying that all our kitchen installations are already instagram and Pinterest worthy…And our customers regularly show them off. 

Make your kitchen stand out

There is no reason your kitchen can’t make a statement, gone are the days when kitchens were just basic, functional rooms for cooking food, these days your kitchen can be the heart of the house. The clean industrial inspired look is very popular right now – light coloured cabinets, offset by hardwood flooring makes for a gorgeous kitchen.

Contrast is key

Contrasting cabinet and worktop colours can work really well and gives your kitchen the WOW factor, make sure you talk through options with your kitchen designer first though, take samples home with you and take time making a decision because you don’t want to get this wrong. Looking for inspiration online is also a great way of discovering colour schemes that you might never have thought of.

Custom Kitchen Instagram style

A clutter free kitchen is a happy kitchen

It may sound obvious but once you have your dream kitchen installed it is important not to overload the worktops and walls with utensils and kitchen appliances, try and keep the worktops as free as you can and with a bit of polish this will make your kitchen look great in any photos you take of it to post online.

The finish line

The little finishes touches can really set off and complete your kitchen, think about your cabinet door handles, don’t just settle for bog standard, run of the mill hands, speak to your designer and ask them to show you all the options. Custom splash backs are becoming the new ‘in’ thing because they instantly make your kitchen unique. And of course handless drawers and cabinets are very popular right now. . 

Custom Kitchen Instagram style

Lighting has never been more of a ‘thing’ as it is right now in kitchens, soft downlighting can add that extra sparkle to any kitchen and will really give your kitchen an amazing beautiful look in photos. 

Just get in touch today and let’s make a start on your dream kitchen.

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